Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is the cornerstone of our company. This mode of operation allows us to work with leaders on a more personal level and design a plan of action that is specifically  suited for their needs. Just as transformation is relative, one size does not fit all leadership development needs.

Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting is the capstone our company in that it allows us to work cohesively with schools and school systems. In this Phase (Module 1) we help schools develop a culture that reflects high expectations through professional development that focuses on Academic Efficacy. Also, in this Phase (Module 2) we help schools develop climates that are student centered with goals that enhance and support each schools (SWPBIS) system.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are made upon request which allows us to tailor the content specifically for the needs of the organization. Topics include anything in the spectrum of leadership and motivational speaking for any audience.

Math Conference 1

Gain Confidence as A Leader

Become a confident leader and engage other people to follow your leadership. Our goal is to add passion to your leadership abilities and skills.

Find your Passion

Sometimes it is tough for good leaders to become great leaders. Passion is the deciding factor of great leaders. We help you find your passion.


Core Competencies of Passion Driven Leadership

The Core Competencies of the Passion Driven Leadership Process are; Awareness, Development and Refinement. Each Core Competency is designed to cause Leaders to Think and Rethink their position on the continuum of leadership. The goal is to help and support “Good Leaders” to become “Great Leaders”. Leadership development is a process and not a single event!

Core Competency 1 Leadership Awareness

Module 1

In the Awareness Phase Leaders will discover the differences between functioning as a “Boss” and “Leader”. During this Phase of the PDL Process Leaders are also exposed to the (5) five levels of Leadership to determine where they are on the continuum of Leadership. The goal in the Awareness Phase is for Leaders to become aware of they are in the process of leadership development.

Core Competency 2 Leadership Development

Modules 2 – 4

In the Development Phase Leaders will be engaged more deeply in the Awareness Process by working through Modules 1-4, which is designed to help them conceptualize the developmental processes of Leadership. The goal in the Development Phase is to support leaders as they make the journey from knowledge to application. Quite a few leaders know "what" to do, they often struggle with "how “to do it.  The goal during the Development Phase is to help leaders successfully make the connection between the " What" (knowledge base) and "How" (application based). During this Phase Leaders will engage in the development process.

Core Competency 3 Leadership Refinement

Module 5

In the Refinement Phase Leaders will be given several techniques on how to achieve balance as a leader. Great leaders know when to lead, follow and get out of the way. Using some the tools that they have acquired in Module 2 regarding, " Building Capacity", they will further enhance their skill set by learning how to not only survive when times get tough but to ultimately thrive during the process. The goal in the Refinement Phase is train leaders how to maintain their Passion to lead by learning the Art of Surthrival.


Professional Development for academic efficacy 

Module 1

In this module the focus is on developing Teacher Quality by giving teachers the tools to improve teachers core instructional competencies as well as build bridges of trust with their colleagues, parents and students. If the school has designated Teacher Leaders training will also be provided for them in this module on how to provide follow up and support to their colleagues.

Professional development for school climate

Module 2

This module is designed to help school (SWPBIS Teachers) and staff develop their School Wide Expectations and the Essential 10. The Essential 10 are the unique rules that each school decides are important for all students and staff to follow. They are aligned with the School Wide Expectations.