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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop in leaders the core values that we believe cause leaders to become champions of equity and results oriented. These values, which also reflect the character of our company are:

Advocacy - Ringing the alarm to ensure all children have the same life chances available to them.

Equity - Making sure those who need the most resources and support get the most resources and support to level the playing field.

Leadership - Developing people to achieve beyond the expectations they have for themselves.

Passion - Ability to persevere beyond obstacles, constraints, and discomfort to achieve goals.

Professional Development - Customized, relevant, and real-world learning to enhance leadership skills.

Our Story

The genesis for Passion Driven Leadership (PDL) was born from my journey as a Principal and the life altering experiences that I gained while obtaining my Doctorate at Seton Hall.  The vicissitudes of administrative life that molded me as a Principal literally transformed me and as a result I am committed to Transforming others that lead to help and support them to be their BEST. Hence, my story has become my Passion as well as my mission, which is to help others conceive, believe and achieve their Passion to lead. Allow me to help and support you Transform by finding Your Passion to Lead!

Meet Dr. Burton

Passionate. Professional. Transformative.
Meet the educator and expert administrator that can transform your organization.

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Dr. Tyrone Burton

Founder & CEO

Tyrone began his teaching career in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, teaching grades K-8th.  Most recently, he was the Principal of Cherokee Park Elementary School. Under his leadership the school made major gains, including being named Elementary School Principal of the Year for 2013-2014 School Year and being the first ever recipient of The National Institute Excellence in Teaching, Teacher Advancement Program, Ambassadors Award. He successfully turned around his school and maintained a level of academic efficacy by adopting a Transformational Leadership Style that allowed him to build capacity among those around him, thereby increasing student achievement by 75% in core content areas. Under his leadership his school went from one that was about to be closed in 2001 but has since earned some of the highest distinctions in the state to include, Top Gain Status 2012, 2013 and 2014 as well as Exemplary Status 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2013. In 2009 and 2010 his school earned the Cecil Picard Excellence in Education Award for achieving the highest Value Added Score in the State.

Next Steps...

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"Dr. Tyrone Burton is a great mentor. I count myself lucky to have worked with him and would recommend him to any organization who wants to upskill their processes and build authentic leaders that operate in their 'WHY'. His feedback is invaluable: honest and to the point. His attuned insight and guidance has helped me to become a Passion Driven Leader who is now a Multiplier!"

Cynthia B. Franklin, M.A.T.
Founder | CEO of Sprinkling Seeds Education & Training and Upskill Kids

"Imagine believing in someone so much that you would actually take a position demotion just to learn from their successful ways of leadership. Imagine believing in someone so much that you would move an hour a half just to grasp different ways of becoming a successful educator. Imagine moving to a new city shortly after having your first child, just to shadow one of most effective principals in the state. If you couldn’t imagine doing that it`s ok, but that’s exactly what I did. I knew what I wanted to become but was confused on how it could be achieved. That is when Dr. Burton took me under his wing and actually taught me how to LEAD not just teach. He taught me the difference in students just remembering you and students never forgetting you. His teachings gave me a teaching toolkit, which have afforded me to be recognized across the country for my innovative ways of teaching and engaging students."

Van Phillips Jr. M. Ed.
National Educational Speaker

"As a young professional male, I have had the opportunity to see greatness in action.  Mr Burton has been a motivator, cheerleader, supporter and most of all a servant and a resource.  No matter if I was on the right track or not, he has always been right there to help steer me in the right direction. Thinking of where I have been and my future dreams and aspirations, I see myself walking a very similar path that he has already taken. He is a gifted educator that encompasses the key characteristics of great leadership. He has shown me the value of leadership and the importance of exhibiting traits such as empathy, awareness, honesty, decisiveness and optimism. As a principal that constantly reflects on the teachings and trainings that I have encountered from such people like Mr. Tyrone Burton, I know that I have been well groomed for the task of leading a school as well as any other venture that I put my mind to. Today, I say thanks for being such a great influencer and having such a powerful and impactful on and in my life."

Marco French
Principal | Queensborough Elementary School Shreveport, Louisiana

"After working as a long term substitute, Mr. Burton was my first principal.  He hired me on a temporary certificate while I worked on certification.  Under his tutelage, I grew personally and professionally.  We faced challenges that I feel developed him as a leader and me as an educator.  We also had champion moments that reminded us of the passion we have for this work.  I know all my experiences have and are working together for my good, so I appreciate my first principal for all his lessons.  It was part of my development."

Nicole Nelson
Instructional Coach
Founder of Awesome EduGators on the Bayou
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"Let me start off by saying: “You are simply amazing Dr. Burton”! I learned so much working under your leadership as a kindergarten teacher at Cherokee Park. You gave me a chance although I had zero experience working with 5-6 year olds. I learned how to understand teaching pedagogy, how to foster student success in an urban school, passion for children, compassion for children, how to be an educational leader and how to properly implement research-based practices for young learners.
Your team wanted to do their best because you gave 100% to everything you did! You didn't make excuses, you made results! You practiced what you preached and never let your team see you sweat.
I am the leader I am today because of your influence. Thanks Dr. Burton!!"

Mignon Rogers, M. Ed.
Manager, Early Literacy Initiative
HISD Education Learning Center

A visionary is defined as a person that plans for the future with imagination and wisdom.  Dr. Tyrone Burton emulates all of these characteristics.  His leadership style provided opportunities on campus to advance educationally and professionally. In order to reduce any potential barriers of advancing, he partnered with a university to bring graduate level courses on campus.  Not only were the classes instructed on campus, they were provided at little or no cost.

He understood that in order to impact the lives of future generations, building leadership capacity was imperative,  Professional development involved formal learning, authentic modeling and practice.  Incorporating this model of leadership afforded me the opportunity to advance educationally and professionally.  As a result, I had the opportunity to mentor others and continue to build capacity by impacting future passionate visionary leaders.

Marilyn Bartlett-Jackson
Caddo Parish Public Schools
Parent Resource Center Coordinator