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"More Than A Notion"  by Dr. Tyrone D. Burton is available! Become a better leader, while keeping yourself and your team accountable!


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is the cornerstone of our company. This mode of operation allows us to work with leaders on a more personal level and design a plan of action that is specifically  suited for their needs. Just as transformation is relative, one size does not fit all leadership development needs.

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Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting is the Capstone of our company in that it allows us to work with schools, school systems and other organizations in a broader sense as it relates to effective leading.

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are made upon request which allows us to tailor the content specifically for  the needs of the organization. Topics  include anything in the spectrum of leadership and leadership development.

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Become a Passion-Driven Leader

The strategies and principles provided by in our training are designed to help leaders or aspiring leaders in areas of Educational Administration and Supervision (Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors Superintendents as well as Departments of Professional Development) find and develop their passion to lead effectively.

Not everyone that has leadership ability (skill) necessarily has leadership capability (will)!  Effective leading like great teaching is not an accident, it is the result of study, reflection practice and hard work. We teach leaders how to enhance their skill and develop or cultivate the will to lead effectively. Passion Driven Leading is the effective usage of a leader's ability (skill) and capability (will).

In our training, leaders will be taught how to identify the characteristics of an effective leader (skill), as well as how to find their own unique leadership style and determine where they are on the Continuum of Leadership (will). Lastly, leaders will be taught how to balance their emotional health.

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"CRITICAL THINKER, ANALYST, DEBATER, SELFLESS are descriptives of Dr. Tyrone D. Burton.  You are the depiction of an unpretentious gentleman that gave me a chance as a new counselor, who was fresh out of the Master’s Program!  You taught me what “verbatim-punctuatium” meant when working to move from “great to incomparable” in realms that others predicted impossible.  Your unwavering focus has provided huge dividends in your professional walk.  Most of all, I am proud of the way you exercise your faith and give the credit to our Lord and Savior in your daily walk with others. You are CONGRATULATED and CELEBRATED!"

Ruby C. Scroggins, Ed.D., NCC/NCSC
Supervisor of Compliance, Complaint Management and Parental Involvement
Caddo Parish Public Schools

“Imagine a LEADER who supports every aspiring and/or novice leader he knows whether they are under his leadership or not. Imagine a LEADER who is leads by example, leads with confidence, and leads with grace! Imagine a leader who has so much wisdom that he motivates and inspires others effortlessly. Imagine no more, because this leader is no other than Dr. Tyrone Burton. Dr. Burton has been very instrumental in grooming me into the leader I am today. I have always looked up to him as a leader. He’s so knowledgeable, personable, and resourceful. He is definitely a pillar in the realm of educational leadership.

Dr. Marvin Rainey
Executive Master Teacher
Caddo Parish Public Schools


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Dr. Burton can teach your leadership team how to work as a cohesive unit to achieve sustained results that reflect increased student achievement. Book your appointment today!

The Reframing of American Education

The Reframing of american Education

In this book Dr. Burton discusses how the system of education in America has been separate and unequal since its inception as well as how the imperfect yet perfect storm of COVID-19 and civil unrest has simply opened the wounds of inequity and inequality for the world to see. He also provides a framework for the posture American education should take post-COVID-19 and a blueprint for going from protest to policy by using the Four Frames of Education. Get your copy today!